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Camp Trend is a lifestyle media company producing original content for the outdoors industry.


Our content is designed for people who strive for quality products, genuine experiences, and a desire to take care of our planet. Hopefully that’s you.


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frequently asked questions

How do you decide what to feature on Camp Trend?

Good Question.  When it comes to our films, we look for niche stories set in beautiful places that ultimately inspire the viewer to get out there for themselves. We like providing a mini escape from the over-civilized world.

Featured gear are things that we've tried on our own.  If it's well-designed, makes camp a better place, and does minimal harm to the environment - we'll feature it.

Who’s the team behind Camp Trend?

There are three of us full-time:

Mark Christy spent 10 years as a commercial director for NFL Films.  He co-founded Camp Trend in 2014 and mostly dabbles in the creative direction of the brand. Follow Mark on his Instagram.

Nives Riddles worked on high-end fashion and editoral shoots as a makeup-artist and stylist. She's now the reason that our shoots look so good. Follow Nives on her Instagram.

Carl Christy rolls in a 97' campulance and makes sure the operations go smoothly at Camp Trend.  He handles the social media channels, collaborations, and community outreach. Follow Carl on his Instagram.

We also have a few loyal friends that help us out and we can't thank them enough. You guys/gals know who you are??

Do you really operate entirely on the road?

Oh yes.

Creating authentic content requires a commitment to the lifestyle. Living on the road puts us at the core of what camping is all about. Also, it’s one of the most exciting things we’ve done in a long time.

Read more and follow along the journey at campbycamp.com

Is your creative team available for hire?

Yes, and we love collaborating with other lifestyle brands. Visit our media production page to learn more.

Do you accept submissions or need contributors?


We are always on the lookout for passionate storytellers. If you love sleeping out under the stars, we’ll probably get along just fine. Drop us an email carl@camptrend.com

media coverage

Allianz Life Insurance


Our mobile lifestyle documented as part of a campaign titled “The Gift of Time”.

B&H Photo


Interview with BH Photo Video about branding our photography experience.



We talk about the costs of life on the road + running a business with Business Insider/Yahoo.

Yeti Coolers

YETI COOLERS Yeti looks at our style of camping and asks us if it’s worth it to live on the road.

Yeti looks at our style of camping and asks us if it’s worth it to live on the road.



Chevrolet/GM News documents our "Ultimate Off-Road Trip”.

Business Insider


Business Insider lists us as some of the 15 people Living the Dream.

Pure ADK


Pure ADK writes about how our visual style has helped to influence their own.



Interview with Zenfulie about trading a dream job for a dream life.

Your Niskayuna


Hometown newspaper interviewed us in the midst of building the “Basecamper”.

Go Van


Interview with Go-Van about Living and Running Camp Trend on the Road.


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carl @ camptrend.com

Press, media, and general inquiries

mail @ camptrend.com

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