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In addition to the content here on Camp Trend and our own travelogue: Camp by Camp, we’ve had the pleasure of working with brands that are looking to reach the outdoor and camping audience.


Below you'll find select examples of projects that we're proud to have produced. Also you can find all of our own short films over on our films page.  We'd love to discuss a project with you  -


Solo Stove - Kickstarter campaign

For their most ambitious launch to date, we helped Solo Stove garner nearly $1.3M in crowdfunding!! Our goal was to have the audience feel an emotional connection to the brand and to the campfire experience. Who doesn't love a backyard campfire with close friends and a ukuele? You can see the entire campaign on kickstarter.

Chevrolet - Colorado in the Wild

Chevy launched their latest truck in Squamish, B.C. and we were there to tell the story of their adventures.  This campaign was used as part of a social media campaign aimed at the outdoor recreation market.

Fox Outfitters - Brand Launch Video + Photos

Back when the brand was launched, they tasked us with creating a video that would showcase their most popular products.  We figured the perfect spot to shoot this was in Big Sur and turns out we were correct.  Also part of this project was to shoot all the content for their website which you can view at

On Star - RoadTrip Hacks

OnStar tasked us with producing 10 Road Trip Hacks that would inform and inspire their audience to experience an epic summer roadtrip. This :30 video of us roadtripping from the east coast to Grand Teton Natl Park was used to launch the campaign.

Solo Stove - Recipes

Solo Stove asked us to create a series of recipe videos that showcased a variety of camping meals cooked on their various stoves + accessories.  we opted for a clean/modern look to accentuate the beauty of stainless steel cookware. We produced 10 of these and you can see more on their recipes page.