Outdoor Retailer 2017

Camp Trend made the trip to Salt Lake City to check out the winter version of Outdoor Retailer. With most outdoor brands in attendance, there’s no shortage of new gear, apparel, and food on display.  We scoured the convention floor for 3 days and snapped photos of the best things we saw. Here’s what we liked:

Surprising Annoucement

Four Wheel Campers x Woolrich collaboration

Four Wheel Campers have become the standard for those who like to travel off-road in search of rugged campspots. They’ve always done the trick of turning pickup trucks into capable (and comfy) campers but we feel like the aesthetic details haven’t been completely dialed in, that is until now.


Enter Woolrich; the tried and true brand which as of late seems to have found it’s stride with bold collaborations dreamed up and conceived by Gehron Burkholder, a creative director for the brand.


The collaboration results in a camper that really nails some crucial details.  The interior gets a complete wool-makeover complete with the iconic buffalo check on all the pillows and bedding. The exterior trades the tired corrugated paneling for the smooth refined look of bare aluminum. With only 100 being produced, these will hold and maybe even increase their value which makes the higher end price range easier to swallow.


For the rest of the fine details, check out Main Line Overland.

$43k for the flat-bed version shown here. Slide-in version also available  $37k.

Favorite Booth Setup - Pendleton

Simple is usually better and Pendleton let it’s iconic patterns speak for themselves. It’s too bad that their location is along the back wall of the convention floor...

Trends we like - Sustainability

It’s good to see more brands taking steps towards responsible production

Latest apparel & gear

With enough new gear to make our heads spin, here’s what stood out:

Campers, Teepees, and Trailers

Campmobiles are a good way to dress up a tradeshow display. Here’s our favorites:

Wrapping Up

We love seeing brands move towards more environmentally-concious production, though I still feel that the best way to help the environment is to cut-down on the amount of stuff we’re producing in general.  


No doubt that gear is a huge part of the camp experience and we'll will be testing out some of the latest gear for 2017. Those will drop on this site throughout the year. Until then, feel free to reach out on social media if you’re in the market for some new camping gear or outdoor threads.

-Mark Christy, founder