AliteMayflyChair-29-CampTrend-960x600Even though camping is often thought of as "roughing it", that doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable. If your camping style necessitates gear that is lightweight and compact, then we have the perfect chair for you. The Alite Mayfly Chair weighs in at only 1.4 lbs and rolls up into a stuff sack that can easily be carried inside a backpack or tote bag. You may already be familiar with Alite's original Monarch Chair, and the Mayfly improves on the great design by adding a front foot so that you no longer have to balance with your feet, though it is removable in case you want the rocking-chair effect.

AliteMayflyChair-22-CampTrend-960x600We brought the Mayfly Chair with us on a week-long float trip in Alaska and found it extremely comfortable and stable whether on sand or rock. When rolled up the chair takes up about the same room as a compact inflatable sleeping pad and the comfort-level far exceeded it's weight of 1.4 lbs. The large sling (fabric seat) was more than ample for our 5'10" model pictured here, and there were no uncomfortable pressure points. At the end of each long day, the Mayfly was a much-needed relief from the rigors of travel and made for a relaxing evening by the campfire.


AliteMayflyChair-31-CampTrend-960x600If backcountry excursions aren't your thing, the Mayfly is an excellent choice for music festivals, beach trips, and even sporting events. While we love (and reccomend) the Mayfly Chair, we found 2 negatives that you should note. The first is that the chair sits very low to the ground which can make it difficult to stand up from a seated position. The second is that the metal support rods became damaged during our testing and while we were able to perform a field-fix with some pliers and duct-tape, it was a frustrating discovery. The company does have a lifetime guarantee on all of their products so we're hoping the replacement model fares better.