SypdercoNative-25-CampTrend-960x600Anyone who camps regularly will tell you that a good knife is an essential camping tool. The Spyderco Native combines incredible ergonomics with the legendary performance that has made the Spyderco brand famous. According to the company, the handle was "engineered for the human hand" and it's evident upon first grasp that some careful design considerations are at work. The blade is made of superior quality CPM S30V steel which will hold a sharp edge for even the most aggressive cutting situations and is available in a combination-edge as seen here, or with the more standard plain-edge.

When a knife is issued to military special forces, you can be confident that it will perform under some pretty intense conditions. A sharp knife is an indispensable tool in any outdoor situation and the Spyderco Native is equally useful whether you're setting up camp, or carving up your fresh campfire-cooked steak.