GransforsBruks_blade-CampTrendAlthough most splitting axes generally look similar, it's the finer details of the Gransfors Bruks Splitting Axe that sets it apart from the rest.  Each axe is forged by hand in Sweden and bears a stamp of the individual blacksmith's initials.

The head has a 3" face and weighs 3.5 lbs.  The handle is 20" long and made of hickory wood that is textured for confident grip with or without gloves. Another fine details is the inclusion of a steel sheath where the handle meets the axe head - this reduces damage to the handle when the axe is driven through a log.

GransforsBruks_handle-CampTrendThis splitting axe is lighter and easier to maneuver than a splitting maul, however it's too heavy for a serious backpacking trip and is much better suited for base camp or car camping.

Pair this up with a good saw and you'll have all the necessary tools to make some great firewood.