Packing food for any camping trip can be difficult, especially when you're carrying everything on your back.  Freeze dried food was developed during WW2, and backpackers have been enjoying the convenience and weight-savings ever since.MaryJanesFarmOutpost-3-CampTrend-960x600 Mary Jane's Farm didn't re-invent freeze-dried food, instead they made some key improvements on the quality of ingredients and design of the packaging. The decision to use organic ingredients is the biggest upgrade when you try one of their meals, it's obvious from the first bite that you're eating higher quality food.  The other big difference in these meals is called the EcoPouch, a name coined by the company for their eco-friendly packaging, more on that below.

Although freeze dried meals tend to favor the backpacking folks, you can't go wrong bringing these along on any camping trip.  If you have a stove such as the JetBoil, you'll have a hearty meal ready in about 10 minutes, and the EcoPouch is made without aluminum foil so it can be thrown into a campfire with no residual effects. We're big fans of Mary Jane's Farm and their lineup of delicious food, so much so that we've  been known to reach for one even when we're not out camping.


Prices vary - Mary Jane's Farm.