Vol. 2: 2014 Finale

With the holiday season upon us, we’ve catered this collection to include all variations of chill tunes while adding a few upbeat tracks to balance out this exciting time of year. Complete iTunes & Spotify playlists at end of article.

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Here’s what we’ve been listening to:

“Call It What You Want” – Foster The People

Fun alternative track to listen early on while setting up the campsite, prepping food, and getting settled in.


“Oh La La – Faces

A perfect song for chillin’ by the campfire.



Beast of Burden” – Rolling Stones

The tones and overall mood in this jam makes it a great selection to listen with friends/family during this time of year.



“A-Punk” – Vampire Weekend

An awesome catchy tune that had to be included.



“Soda Pop Confusion” – Variety Lab

This track was meant for all chill-out situations. The bells give it the hint of a holiday feel.



“For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield

A true classic that will never die.



“Don’t Walk Away” – Chromeo

Chromeo successfully blends the grooves from the 70s/80s retro-era and makes them fun again. Even though this is one of their more chill songs, doesn’t it kind of make you want to dance?


“Take A Picture” – Filter

A warm song for “good feel” settings that also happens to be a late 90s music milestone.



“Human” – The Killers

This “upchill” track shows why The Killers have been a leading influence in today’s post-punk rock genres.



St. Judy’s Comet” – Paul Simon

A melody that provides the perfect soundtrack to relax, reflect, and appreciate all that’s happened over the past year.




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Each month, we select 10 songs that we’re tuned into on the road and share them with you.  No genre or publication year is considered “out of bounds” as we have a diverse music taste and our goal is to make a collaboration of tracks that are excellent for campfires, roadtrips, and all other escapes from the absurdities of modern life.