Vol. 1: Camp Variety

Introducing our newest series: Camp Trend Playlist

Each month, we select 10 songs that we’re tuned into on the road and share them with you.  No genre or publication year is considered “out of bounds” as we have a diverse music taste and our goal is to make a collaboration of tracks that are excellent for campfires, roadtrips, and all other escapes from the absurdities of modern life. Complete iTunes & Spotify playlists at end of article.

Got some suggestions for us? Leave em in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve been listening to:

1-Rougue Wave

“Lake Michigan” – Rogue Wave

One of our favorite tracks – great for campfires and general “chill” situations



2-MGMT“Time To Pretend” – MGMT

Been hooked on this song since it was released. MGMT is one of those bands that always push the limits of new sounds and the overall music experience.



3-Locksley“Let Me Know” – Locksley

Rock band with blended traits of the Beatles/Clash/Punk/UK influences. Great daytime jam.





4-Jack Johnson“Mudfootball” – Jack Johnson

Jack is perfect for any outdoor scene – whether it be camping, hanging at the beach, cookouts, etc.




5-John Mayer“Stop This Train” – John Mayer

A perfect song for late-night campfires, rainy days, and when it’s time to relax.




6-Cake“Stickshifts and Safetybelts” – Cake

The excitement of your next roadtrip/camping adventure is complemented perfectly with this 90s throwback.




7-Phoenix“Trying To Be Cool”Phoenix

The electronic blends create a catchy song we’ve been camping to since the start.




8-Everything“Hooch” – Everything

Who’s got the Hooch? We usually do on most camping trips!




9-Foo Fighters“Big Me” – Foo Fighters

Another 90s throwback that we think everyone should be enjoying on their adventures.




10-HippieHaus“Galaxy” – Hippiehaus

Put this one on while you’re stargazing, you’ll thank us later.





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