Vol. 6: New American Highway

We’re dedicating this playlist entirely to Soulful Folk-like tracks. Complete iTunes & Spotify playlists at end of article.

Got some suggestions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve been listening to:

“The Once and Future Carpenter” – The Avett Brothers

A song perfect for any roadtrip – soft enough to not over do it but strong enough to keep you singin’ along.



“Record Time” – Quiet Life

This track inspired the entire New American highways playlist idea.



“My Silver Lining” – First Aid Kit

Has a very modern “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra feel – great song!



“Wild Moon” – J.D. Wilkes 

Think about the late night drives where you need that right punch of music to keep up, this song will help.



“Oh, Carolina” – NEEDTOBREATHE

Southern rock ‘n’ roll twank at its best!



“Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout The All American J.D. McPherson

If you have yet to hear of J.D. McPherson, let this track get you hooked.



“Wildfire” – John Mayer 

John Mayer’s most recent albums are great roadtrippin’ music – here’s one of our favorites.



“I’m On Fire” – Bruce Springsteen 

Had to have The Boss on here!



“Gallup, NM” – The Shouting Matches

Modern spin on songs like Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”.



“Only Son” – Shakey Graves

A great song to end the playlist as well as a local Texas tune!




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About: Camp Trend Playlist

Each month, we select 10 songs that we’re tuned into on the road and share them with you.  No genre or publication year is considered “out of bounds” as we have a diverse music taste and our goal is to make a collaboration of tracks that are excellent for campfires, roadtrips, and all other escapes from the absurdities of modern life.

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