Vol. 7: Summer Vibes

We’re dedicating this playlist entirely to Chill Beach-Tunes & Feel-Good Jams. Complete iTunes & Spotify playlists at end of article.

Got some suggestions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve been listening to:

“The Wild Life” – Vacationer

From the chill beat to the adventure-inspiring chorus, this could be the laid back anthem of summer.



“Geronimo” – Sheppard

Song seems to get more popular by the day!



“Worlds On Fire” – Zerbin

Great jam for bringing people together and enjoying the summer breeze.



“Beware The Dog” – The Griswolds

Must-have beach tune for summer adventures.



“Something Good Can Work” – Two Door Cinema Club

Perfect for driving with the windows down.



“Brother Down Sam Roberts Band

A good selection while cooking at the campsite or setting up the tent at a favorite campspot.



“Hard Sun” – Eddie Vedder

Nothing better than a song from the “Into The Wild” soundtrack to send you off on the next outdoor endeavor!



“Hold On” – Alabama Shakes

Soulful southern tune for those warm late nights.



“Bungalow” – Scott Helman

Ukelele & banjo team up for a relaxing jam for the beach or campground.



“Caught Me Thinking” – Bahamas

Whether at the beach, in the forest, or on the open road – this song has the perfect vibes to round out this selection of summer tunes.




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About: Camp Trend Playlist

Each month, we select 10 songs that we’re tuned into on the road and share them with you.  No genre or publication year is considered “out of bounds” as we have a diverse music taste and our goal is to make a collaboration of tracks that are excellent for campfires, roadtrips, and all other escapes from the absurdities of modern life.

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