BahcoSaw-2-CampTrendIf you're the type of camper that cuts their own firewood, then this saw should be in your arsenal. The BAHCO 30" Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood makes quick work of even the largest trees. The ergonomic handle is great one-handed, but is equally suitible for two-handed action as well. Made of strong, light-weight steel-tubing, this saw provides maximum power transfer ratio while still coming in under 2lbs. The blade is designed for cutting green wood (as in trees cut within a year) so it's perfect for tree's that you've cut or found already downed.

BahcoSaw-4-CampTrendPair up the Bahco Bow Saw with a splitting axe and your firewood collection duties will be a pleasure. The saw is light enough to carry wherever your next tree awaits and although the orange handle is a bit on the "bright" side, you'll be thankful when you're looking for your saw on the forest floor. If there's a better bow saw out there, we surely haven't found it yet.


$22 - BAHCO 30" Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood on