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Capture Clip by Peak Design

Our photography team at Camp Trend is used to hauling cameras wherever they go, but it’s often a bulky or cumbersome process storing the camera.

Until now, the standard camera strap around the neck or shoulder was the best for accessibility, but not so awesome for hiking over some gnarly terrain that required hands to be free.

The Capture by Peak Design is a camera support system that stores your camera on backpack straps or belts keeping it out of the way yet easily and quickly accessible.

Peak Design Capture - Camp Trend-51

The system is comprised of a plate that attaches to your camera (just like a tripod mount) and the main capture clip which can be attached to straps or belts in any position. Setup takes about 5 minutes and uses thumbscrews and an allen wrench (included) Once attached, the plate locks into place so there’s no worry of your expensive lens taking a dive. To release, simply depress the red button and slide out. Once you get used to the ergonomics, the process is extremely simple.

If you’ve missed a shot because the camera was stowed away in your pack, or you know the frustration of having a camera bouncing around your neck while you hike, the Peak Design Capture will change your opinion of hiking with a camera ready to go. Your impatient friends can now get off your case about having to stop at every scenic moment to fetch your camera.


Peak Design also makes camera clips for smaller cameras like point and shoots or the popular GoPro camera. If you shoot with one of these then check out the Capture POV Action Mount.

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