12,000 mile motorcycle-camping trip

Josh Laskin spent 3 months on the road with just his motorcycle and the camping gear that could fit. Find out what it’s like to travel on 2 wheels and sleep in the occasional wal-mart parking lot.

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Black Rock Reservoir

I don’t pay rent, I live in a tent. And it’s bitch’n! Working fulltime on the road with Camp Trend takes me to the best campspots in North America. Our solid gear inventory allows for adaptable setups no matter the weather/terrain and the food we make is f*cking delicious. Camping with this team maximizes our energy…

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Embrace the Night

If you really want to maximize the weekend, learning to operate at night is crucial. A long workweek has passed, you’ve studied your topographic maps, picked a route, and are dying to find an escape through a weekend backpacking trip. Unfortunately, with the dwindling days that prelude the winter season, you are not convinced that two…

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