MSR Reactor - CampTrend-58

Reactor Stove by MSR

When hiking or camping, a cook stove is one of the most important pieces of gear to have.  Whether it’s for cooking a stew or making water drinkable.  It can be the difference from comfort to the runs.

There doesn’t appear to be much with the Reactor, but the more you dig into this cook stove, the more there is to love.

The fuel and reactor are meant to pack away into the cook pot.  The handle locks the lid in place in your pack.  Did we mention that the lid is also a strainer?

MSR Reactor - CampTrend-24

Seriously…this cook system has staying power, and with the option for larger pots (comes in 1.0L, 1.7L, and 2.5L)

MSR Reactor - CampTrend-34

This stove is a marvel.  It’s a direct convection cook stove, so there isn’t an “open flame” that wraps around the cook pot - it’s meant to sit directly onto the reactor base.

It appears that everything serves multiple purposes on this stove.  The lid has multiple uses (strainer and lid).  The pot is designed for multiple uses (pot and storage).  The reactor unit is ready for all weather from the extreme cold to the windy base camp.

It truly is incredible how fast this thing boils water.  Its sole purpose in life is to take water and make it boil as quickly as possible.  It blocks wind, cold, and most everything to keep your time cooking to a minimum and maximizes your time enjoying everything else.

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