Sigg Thermo - Camp Trend-1

Thermo by Sigg

If you love hot tea anytime of the day or night, the Sigg Thermo might be perfect for you. It’s an insulated tumbler with a built-in tea infuser - simply add some looseleaf tea and hot water.


The simple, modern design transitions easily from outdoors to civilized life and feels at home anywhere you need a hot beverage. Like all Sigg bottles, the cap can accept a carabiner which expands the carrying options for any pack.

The Sigg Thermo is available in three color variations (grey, white, and the teal pictured here) as well as 4 different sizes. We prefer the .5L for a single user but there are bigger options if you intend to share.


While camping we found that because the Thermo has such great insulating capabilities, tea can be made the night before and is still perfectly hot for the morning wake-up.

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