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Trail Lite Seat by Thermarest

The NY Times posted that "The average adult spends 50-70% of their time sitting". For the adventurous crowd, let's be optimistic and cut that figure in half - that still leaves 25% of your time spent on your butt. It's not a bad idea to add a little comfort back there.


The Thermarest Trail Lite Seat is basically a scaled down sleeping pad by the company who's been making pads since 1972. Like most of their products, the seat is self-inflating, but a few extra breaths will fill it out nicely. The outer fabric is 75 Denier Polyester which is a good balance of lightweight and durability.

Thermarest Trail Lite - CampTrend-67

You might camp in lush fields where nature has provided some cushy seating, but you might also find yourself on rocky mountain ledges. Either way, bringing some cushion is never a bad idea and at only 3oz, you're not adding much weight. It's versatility makes it not only a seat, but padding wherever you need it - knees, back, or can even be used as a pillow.

Insulating properties make it warmer and drier than the ground below so it can easily live in your year-round kit. And while the polyester outer material is strong and lightweight, you can't be reckless any place it anywhere as it's not puncture resistant.


If you've ever been at a camp spot or on a trail where you just couldn't sit comfortably, maybe its time to check out the Thermarest Trail Lite Seat.

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