Lossproof Lighter by Zippo

It's no secret that the Zippo lighter has remained true to it's design for over 80 years. That's because, plain and simple, they work.


The Zippo Lossproof Lighter offers the same quality and reliability proven through time, but with the ability to secure itself wherever you need.



The unmistakable brass casing is Zippo's most enduring characteristic. Measuring 1.5" wide by 2.2" tall, you can find a zippo case made in any color or design you desire. With the Lossproof version (as seen here) an elastic lanyard attaches to the case via a metal D-ring located at the case's hinge.


The cases are strong enough to stop a bullet so we're pretty sure you won't be breaking your's anytime soon if ever, and you don't need to worry about the timeless design getting stale. But what about it's main purpose as a "lighter"?



Another unique property of a Zippo is that once lit, the flame will fuel itself meaning it can operate hands-free. This becomes a huge advantage when you need a prolonged flame to ignite a stubborn campfire. The flame is also surprisingly wind-resistant as the wick is protected by a metal windscreen.


Speaking of wick, this is one of the 3 items that requires maintenance during the life of a Zippo. In addition to fuel refills, the wick needs to be lengthened periodically to retain it's function. This is a simple process of using a pair of pliers to expose fresh wick while trimming off the old part. The third item that requires maintenance is the flint, another simple process that requires only a screwdriver or coin.


Any fuel source can ignite dry kindling, but when you find yourself trying to ignite wet twigs on a windy day it's hard to beat this lighter. If you're the type of person that enjoys maintaining a quality product that can last a lifetime, you should own a Zippo.


The drawbacks, while minimal, include frequent fuel refills. Since the reservoir is not sealed, fuel does evaporate over time. In our tests, a refill will last about 2-3 weeks if unused. Though the maintenance takes almost no time at all, you will inevitably spill lighter fluid on yourself at some point or another.


The elastic lanyard isn't the best, but it isn't the worst either. It performs it's function as needed, but detracts a bit from the all-metal construction. Like it or not, like all Zippo maintenance, it's a simple action to change or remove the lanyard as desired.


In our opinion, camp life isn't complete without a Zippo and the Lossproof version gives you to chance to attach this lighter so you never find yourself without it.

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