Selk Bag - Camp Trend-4

SelkBag Original by Selk’ Bag

With functional benefits for the particular or casual traveler, anything goes with the Selk’bag. The newest version is re-invented with more technology, improved design, and is functional in varying climates.


This original model is a much more form fitting experience – “allowing every user the opportunity for maximum enjoyment and can be used for many activities, not just for sleeping”.

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Selk’bag wears like an extra layer of comfy down skin, allowing your body to stretch out & roll around without any restrictions – whatever sleeping position you desire, you’ll get with ease

Sometimes the hardest part of the day is leaving the warmth of the sleeping bag, but with a Selk'bag, you can simply get up and walk around the campspot without losing any comfort or heat on your way to the campfire, taking a leak, or grabbing the morning coffee.

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  • The quick release hand closure system frees up your hands when needed and the durable nylon soles w/ anti-slip pads provide protection when moving around.
  • An adjustable hood and baffled construction warms on colder nights while the zippered vents allow easy cooling-control to ideal camping temperatures.
  • Velcro adjust-straps on the ankles & back ensures a snug fit no matter how you use the Selk’bag. Sizing options for kids & adults can be seen here.

Whether it’s staying warm while cooking a meal, having more comfort in a hammock, or being the envy of your outdoor friends – those geared with a Chilean-inspired Selk’bag have upgraded their camping & sleeping game to the next level.

Sizing Note: Model is 5’10” and the Selk’bag size Large fits perfectly.

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